Thursday, 10 October 2013

Handmade 365 + 9

OMG. I forgot to blog yesterday. 'Twas a bit of a strange one though. It was seven years ago yesterday that my lovely dad was taken from me. Cancer is a nasty bastard and can even take the fittest, healthiest ones no matter how hard they fight. 
Anyhoo...on a more cheery note I did wear a little broochette made by the loveliest of friends Maria. 

She is a truly creative soul who bakes amazing cakes, makes scrummy jams and a mean sloe gin, crafts like a demon and teaches belly dancing making mini-goddesses of all of us.  <3 

So that was day 9.  I will post day 10 a bit later on. I know what I'll be wearing/sharing but, coincidentally, it will be for my belly dance class rather than day wear.  Need to go and chose some cosy layers now. Today has really heralded the arrival of autumn. There's a definite nip in the air and boots were actually brought out of hibernation last night. 

Have a fabby day. 


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