Thursday, 2 January 2014

Handmade 365 + 10

So, as promised, an actual garment. 

Many readers of 'ethel and edna' in the olden days will know all about this skirt.  Yes it's been kicking around a while but, in the true spirit of patchwork, I have added several new bits to repair it. 
I made this little baby having seen a similar one online. That one was 9 tiers if 4" squares. The bottom tier had over 1000 patches in it!!  No way Jose. 
Being a slightly shorter person I could get away with 7 tiers of 5" squares and that gave the perfect length. So that's what I did. 

It didn't actually take too long to piece. The hardest thing was gathering and joining the tiers. The bottom one was about 15 metres so quite a sizeable piece of patchwork to handle. I did it though. Hooray!  
The intention was to wear it for belly dancing but to be honest I love it so much I wear it more. Much more. It's my festival skirt. It's my happy skirt. If I'm having a crap day I wear it. If I'm having a good day I wear it. I really need to make another one 'cause the day will come when this one is beyond repair. But for now I'll keep patching and twirling. 
And now I must go and decide what handmade delight I will be sorting tomorrow. I have 3 new cardis and new socks but they were all bought. I feel a brooch coming on. 


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Tracy said...

What an amazing skirt no wonder it's your favourite. I wish I was brave enough to wear one xx