Monday, 7 October 2013

Handmade 365 + 7

Oops. Forgot/ran out of time to take a photo today. And it was an actual item of clothing.  I will be able to show it you tomorrow though. It's a fab new apron/pinny to wear in the shop, made by the lovely Kim. We have some gorgeous shot cotton chambray in our shop and she has made mine out of the turquoise one and Sandra's from the ruby red. They are great. 
I am taking it easy tonight with a smallish glass of loveliness also handmade by another lovely friend. 

Maria's sloe gin from last Christmas. Yummy. Cheers!
It is well deserved after the stress of the last couple of days. A member of our family has been missing since Saturday afternoon and we've been distraught. Finger tip searches have been carried out. Sleepless nights all round. However, we're ecstatic tonight as he's back. 

Welcome home Pebble. 
Bless him. He got wedged behind some paving slabs...somehow. We'd looked there several times but managed to miss him. All's well that ends well. 
I'm also cracking on with my Granny squares. 

I'm loving these vintage shades. Not me at all but it's great for a change and will fit in with so much of my wardrobe. 
So tomorrow I will post and tag two pictures. 

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