Thursday, 3 October 2013

Handmade 365 + 3

So although it's only my second day playing it's really the third day of Handmade365. Maybe I should photograph two items one day to catch up. 
Today's little treasure was only purchased at the weekend but I loves it. My precious. 
It was made by The Beady Bird and purchased from her whilst I was in Skipton this weekend. She was selling her goodies from The Studio shared by Lucy (Attic 24) and Tracy (.   ). 
And why was I in Skipton?  One word. Yarndale. 

This amazing little woolly shindig was dreamt up by Lucy and six of her Knit and Natter chums and developed into a fabulous yarn festival. 
Three Sewing Shop hookers (me, Sandra and Laura) sallied forth, spent a night in Keighley then caught the train to Skipton. At the station a special bus was waiting to pick us up and shuttle us to the sheep pens at Skipton Auction Mart. Cute. Inside it had been yarn-bombed, as had much of the venue. 

How fabulous is this?!?  What a spectacular entrance. Crocheted bunting from literally all over the world. 
Everything about the show was perfect. Even our sausage sarnies for breakfast at the auction cafe. The ladies who fed and watered everybody there deserved medals. They worked so hard and the food was scrummy. None of your pre-packed, over-priced NEC fayre. It was 'real' food. Yum! 

Highlight of the day?  Meeting the lovely Lucy herself.  Sandra almost shed a tear, she was so overwhelmed to meet her.  And she is such a humble, 'normal' person to chat to. She still doesn't seem to know quite what an effect and influence she has on the world of crochet. 

Sandra made her day (I think) by being the first person to ask for her autograph. It was fab to see all the blankets, cushions and other work we know and love from Attic24. And even the green cord Boden coat was there!  

Despite it being a busman's holiday, we did shop. When you're a yarn addict and surrounded by stalls what's a girl to do?  

These chaps weren't for sale but I did buy some alpaca yarn...amongst others. 

Other faces from the show:

We persuaded Mr Hillard to drive over and meet us for tea and a catch-up which was fab. We've really missed him since our weekend away. 
He truly 'kept it real' this time - pasty and mushy peas for lunch!!  Sauce bottle on the table. Mugs of tea. Tee hee. He did look fab in his purple tweed waistcoat with matching man-bag though.  We let him autograph our bags as well. 

Can't wait to get him back to Lichfield for a workshop or two. 

Right.  I'll blog Part two of our adventures in Yorkshire tomorrow. 

ttfn x

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