Saturday, 5 October 2013

Handmade 365 + 5

Meh. Feeling grotty and sorry for myself. I have a sore throat and am germ-ridden courtesy of my kiddie. 
While she is at scuba training with her dad I'm snuggled up on the sofa with trashy Saturday night TV and some crochet. Just have to write up some notes for my P&Q Class tomorrow then I can wilt. 
And my handmade garment of choice for your desecration today...?

Socks!  Of course. I spotted this pattern on Pinterest some time ago and wanted to give them a bash. The actual pattern us a freebie via Ravelry but only for ankle length socks. I kind if fudged the longer bit by copying from the Pinterest plumbers photos. Joining the sole in was also a bit of trial and error. The result is a smidge too big but they're fine for slobbing in or wearing inside boots when it's really chilly. 
Right. Back to my Wonky Star instructions then more work on my Granny square waistcoat. This is my colour palette courtesy of Lucy (Attic24).  Fourteen gorgeous vintage shades if Stylecraft Special DK. 

I'm working towards an oversized sleeveless cardi type thing. Another idea spotted on Pinterest. Can't wait to get it finished. 
ttfn x

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