Thursday, 20 November 2008

Yeah. Yeah. I know.... but I'm here now :o).




Last weekend we went to sunny (yes it was) Devon for OH's birthday present. I bought hil tickets to see this bloke.

I bought tickets for the other half way back in June as he loves him. Never misses Mock the Week. Unfortunately the only ones I could get were not in a nice local Midlands venue - nope - we had to travel to the Princess Theatre in Torquay!!! Not quite as daft as you might think. It meant we could also visit my sis and her family, and get babysitters built into the trip.

Frankie was really good but I prefer him on Mock the Week to be honest. We were right in the front row so I spent most of the show terrified he was going to pick on us. When he did address me it was to ask what job I did. I told him the last one had been a Fashion/Textiles tutor and he made some crack about it being a really useful, necessary occupation. I got off lightly!!

Whilst in Devon I also managed something I've never previously done. We walked to Berry Head, around the fort and through the woods down to Shoalstone outdoor seapool. This looked really sad as it had been drained for the winter for repairs.

We carried on along the coast path to the 'stoney beach' (Brixham breakwater beach) where we saw this in the sea:

To the unititated this is a 'blob' - a DSMB (delayed surface marker buoy) and attached to it is a length of cord dangling down under the surface, at the end of which you will find a couple of scuba divers. (OK to the real experts this should be a more spherical SMB but OH doesn't have one). Basically our other halves went for a 'bimble' (technical term) while we went for our walk. They missed out on a cream tea in favour of getting cold and wet. The mind boggles...

Other news...
Monday was our 18th wedding anniversary. We didn't go out, instead I hit the M&S food hall for steak and stilton sauce. Kiddie decided that we should make it into a posh party so she chose outfits for me and OH. This is what I had to wear:

my strapless ballgown. OH got off lightly with a co-ordinating beige ensemble. She even picked matching socks for him!! Bless.

This was my prezzie from him. Sorry - flower arranging is not my forte.
Making stuff? Well here are the finished snowmen. Like the trees they are layers of sheer fabrics, sparkly threads, sequins and lace all sandwiched together and free machined. A backing of felt is added then the details are stitched by hand.

Following a post by Summerfete I had a go at recycling last year's Christmas cards (yes - I've kept them). You need to cut out 20 circles the same size then mark an equilateral triangle in the centre of each one. (I think it's easier if you draw your triangle first then mark the circle around it). Score and fold along the three sides of the triangle, then glue these flaps together in the following way - 5 with points together to make the top, 5 with points together to make the bottom then the remaining 10 in a line. Join the end of the line to make a circle and attach the 2 'hats' at top and bottom. This should make a ball. I used paperclips to hold the flaps together while the glue dried. When dry attach some ribbon or thread to hang them from.

I spent the whole of yesterday using these:

We decided a long time ago that our hall, stairs and landing are very tatty and drab, and 2 days ago I decided enough was enough. OH was away overnight so I thought I would surprise him. I managed to strip wallpaper and wallop on 2 coats of brilliant white emulsion on the walls of hall and stairs, including cutting in. I can't reach the ceilings upstairs so hubby has got to do them. Today I have to start on the woodwork. Hooray!!
And finally...
Question - Is it possible to get a hangover from liqueur chocolates?
Answer - YES!!!
M&S had these on offer when I visited to buy the anniversary feast so I bought some. During the course of Tuesday I ate... a few... errr.. well 8 actually. But that was during a whole day. Anyhoo, I woke up in the middle of the night with a splitting headache. YEOWWWW!!! And that's all I could put it down to. The combo of several thimblefuls of alcohol and a smidge of dark chocolate was just too potent. That'll teach me to be a pig!!

Oooh before I go must just show my new shoes. Sorry Katy I know it's not Monday but hey... When I was getting glammed up on Monday evening I realised - SHOCK!! HORROR!! - I don't possess a pair of heels. I have 3 pairs of wedges but no heels. Am I a real girl??
So yesterday I bought not 1 but 2 pairs. Frivolous? Me? Nah!! I am the barain queen.
Here's the first pair.

And here they are with the price tag:

And the second pair - which I love and will wear all Christmas (as long as I'm sitting down)...

They were more expensive...

HA!!! £7.00 for two pairs of shoes. Beat that!!

Stay tuned. I WILL be back. And next time I will open this parcel.


Kitty said...

I am sat here gobsmacked at your shoe bargains ... golly, you did good!

Love the snowmen. Love the idea of the posh dinner, and getting dressed up. Hooray for Kiddie. Happy Anniversary.

Fab Devon photos - I wish I lived nearer the sea.


Katy said...

bloody hell. Save it all up for one post, why don't you? The whole of the moody blues song has been on whilst I've been reading that, and now we're on to Ceeeeeelia you're breaking my heart etc etc etc.
£7 for 2 pairs of shoes? BARGAIN!

The chrimbo decorations are looking fab - I am rather taken with that complicated looking recycled christmas card thingy. Clever clogs.

Anonymous said...

What great snowmen! I love how you make your own layered fabric.
Congrats on your anniversary! how fun to glam it up with your strapless ballgown!

Tip Top said...

Heheh! I'm off to Asda!

And Happy Anniversary!