Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Phew! What a frantic but fantastic weekend. We went down to London to stay with some friends and 'do' Bonfire Night in style. There was loads of food and drink. And fireworks. We all took 'just a few' and ended up with over 40 rockets plus assorted others. But first, after a 'small smackerel' we walked to the Ally Pally and watched the amazing display there.
Apologies for the not-too-great photos. We both forgot our cameras so these were all taken on OH's phone.
Eeeek!! A rare photo of him and me!

Some of the Littlies playing with sparklers. S, M and E (mine).

They had a great time. A pack of 6 under-10s charging round together. When we got back we started the mammoth launching back at the house. The fence nearly got burnt down and an attempt to make a mega-rocket out of 4 smaller ones didn't work too well. I think next-door's tree surveved. Just. Boys and their toys.

On Sunday we did a bit of a whistle-stop tourist trip. We caught the tube to London Bridge and got off so the children could see the Great Fire Monument as some of them did about it at school last year. The we walked along the banks of the Thames, taking in all sorts of sights.

The Great Fire Monument

Southwark Cathedral had some great gargoyles but OH managed to not take a picture of any of them!! hee hee. It was the camera's fault honest. No zoom.

Brixham meets London. This is one of the replicas of The Golden Hind. There is another one in the harbour at Brixham. Spooky!

Here are Evie and her new best mate, Morwenna in front of St Pauls and the 'bouncy bridge'.

Those cultural bods amongst you will know that at one end of this bridge is St Pauls and at the other is Tate Modern. Well we even managed to squeeze a bit of culture into the trip with a quick pop inside the Turbine Hall. E, M and S loved it. They imagined they were in a nightmare with all these huge creatures stalking around overhead.

Must admit the current installation is a bit scary. Above is a giant spider apparently.

And this is "a massive cat skelington" they decided. They charged around between the rows of bunk beds untilwe realised that we'd lost everyone else and had to go and look for them.

Eventually, having found everyone, we ended up at Covent Garden. This is L (son of our host and hostess) helping with a performance. Unfortunately he got stage fright half way through and ran back to his big sisters. S (my nephew) took his place and ended up being paid for taking part! How many people can say they went to Covent Garden and made money?!

The drive back home at the end of the weekend had a lot less to be said in it's favour. It was blowing a gale and, as we got nearer to home, it tipped it down. The M1 was like a swimming pool and we could barely see a thing. Luckily kidlet slept for most of the journey so at least we didn't get 'Are we nearly there yet?' ringing in our ears.
And now we're home and have caught up on the lost sleep. I would just like to say a HUGE
to Jan and Simon for having us to stay and for a brilliant weekend. Hope the garden recovers soon. xxx
Don't forget 11.00am.

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JuliaB said...

Ahhhhh... memories. I LOVE London Bridge. Mr and I stay there often. xxx