Monday, 24 November 2008

Well we had snow - did you??

On Sunday morning we did have a sprinkling on the car roofs at about, but by the time all sensible people were up and awake it was raining. However, the kiddie and I did get our winter clothes and thick boots on and we went tobogganing. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

We went to The Snowdome at Tamworth. It is the best place in the world to have a kids party. A 170 metre slope of real snow which is cold and wet when it soaks into the seat of your trousers (nice!).

It starts at the top left of this picture bends round to the left and down to the bottom with a couple of little bumps on the way. (This piccie is a bit distorted to fit it all in - credit to for it.) It is soooooooo much fun. When you take small people (under age 10) they have to go in a toboggan with a grown-up, but I have been a few times when it's been just adults and you can really get up to some speeds on those things. Kiddie and I did get airborne on the last run, but no crashes.

After that the kidlets go upstairs and stuff their faces with something and chips, and ice cream. Then the glamour-pusses go and get changed ready for the disco from Hell!!!

Imagine 11 birthday parties all going on in one room!!! Lots and lots and lots of shouting and cheering and screaming and singing and dancing and Bedlam. It's a riot!! They had a whale of a time and, to top it all, our bunch of girlies, or should I say Alicia's bunch of girlies won the prize for the best dancers (due in no small part to Alicia's mum/my BDB Julia who was shimmying and shaking for all she was worth). They had to get as many members of their party on stage, adults included, to jump and prance about. Sadly I had gone to sort out my car park ticket and get a refuel from Starbucks so I came in to see their final 10 seconds. Shucks!

Must add that Julia also won a bottle of bubbly for being the best mummy at dancing ther Macarena. (She says she was in front of me and wearing heels, so I couldn't be seen very well - that's why I didn't win. Personally I think the DJ had got his eye on her after her performance on stage ;O) hehehehehe).

Thanks for a fab time. I know it was for the kids but I had a whale of a time too.

And now.

The moment you've all been waiting for (I know I have been waiting quite a while for it),


My Fairy Tale Swap parcel unveiled.

I know poor Missy has been having a real nightmare trying to get this finished, but with so many girls of various sizes to look after, I'm amazed she got it done this side of Christmas.

So first of all there is a really sweet little tote bag, which is already in use holding a craft project I'm working on in secret for kiddie. All will be revealed on December 1st (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean).
It has a little pocket on the front which, in the photo, contains postcards from Arizona (where Missy lives). You know you see all the programmes on TV about storm chasers and freak lightning and extreme weather, well that's where she lives. Scary or what?! Look at that lightning!! Oh and there were some candy buttons (which we won't talk about cuz if I ignore them they might go away and stop taunting me with their sugary calorific-ness. (My diet crashed and burned last week).

She also made me this really sweet little quiltette featuring Hansel and Gretel. I love the border fabric of chocolates. I have NOT been licking this fabric (contrary to what my OH may tell you).

Here's a close-up of the centre panel showing the glittery sparkly details on the gingerbread cottage. How cute. I've lost this to kiddie, well kiddie's monkey called Blossom is actually sleeping under it as we speak. Typical!!

Thanks soooooo much Missy. It was worth the wait. xx
So the decorating is progressing. Slowly...
From this angle it looks great. Just the radiator to do and we're sorted but then you pan back a bit...

and if you move a bit higher up the stairs,
you can see where I've decided that maybe I need a bit of help...
Despite the size and position of this 'note', he still hasn't joined in yet. Maybe I should email it to him or post it on Facebook.

Aside from the painting it's a busy week this week, not least because on Thursday I'm meeting up with some of the other lovely crafty bloggers.
In real life!!!
In person!!!
Not on a screen. Can you believe it? I've met one of them before (Sam - incywincy) but not the others. It's going to be fun.
That night is the switch on of the local Christmas lights in Lichfield, presided over by the great Tony 'Amarillo' Christie (he lives here dontcha know).
Also have double belly dancing, double Irish dancing for kiddie, a swap to start and finish, a craft show to prepare for, painting to finish, a commission to work on, a hair cut to have performed, more ebay shennanigans to sort out. I'm knackered and it's only Monday.
Better go and lie down with a nice cool glass of... erm... water. Gotta watch those calories. :o)


Chloe said...

Oooh what lovely swap gifts. I have visions of you restraining yourself not to lick the fabric lol.
I'm glad I have read about Tamworth snowdome. We visit Xscape in Castleford and we love it but we have been talking about a day out to Tamworth for some time now. Is it any good for teeny tiny little ones?

Kitty said...

Blimey, what a lot! That party sounds such fun - I'd love to have a go. Erm .. I mean I'm sure my kids would love to have a go.

Lovely swappage goings-on, no wonder you were pleased.

I've done that painting on the wall thing too. Maybe you should give him a superpoke with a paintbrush? :-D