Friday, 7 November 2008

Me??? Cooking again????

So is it the 'credit crunch' that's making me go 'back to basics'? Or is it the festive feeling that's making me get the cook book out? Who knows but just recently I've been having a baking frenzy - well be my standards anyhoo.

Today I have made this gorgeous gloopy mess. Toffee!!! It's the first time I've ever attempted toffee or caramel or anything of that nature but it seems to have gone OK.

Kiddie really wanted a toffee apple on Halloween but didn't get one. Aaahh shame. (Not really when you see the bagful of other stuff she got! Sugar and E number overload!!)

I had a yen for some bonfire toffee like my nan used to make for Bonfire Night (more of that later) so I Googled a really simple recipe and that was that.

I also made some of my old favourites. The first batch of gingerbread of the winter. That must be special...

It was weird though because I made it on my own. No little extra pair of hands. No small hands to rub the fat in. Kiddie has been off school for the last couple of days with a bit of a lurgy so she was kept away from the baking.

AS they are also for Bonfire Night they had to be stars didn't they?

And as there seems to be a new penchant for kitchen macro shots here's a tasteful, arty close-up. ;o)
The reason for all this Bonfire type activity is because tomorrow we are venturing down to the Big City.
How exciting!!!!
We are going to stay with friends and have a 'pongfire' party and a possible visit to the Ally Pally for some firework fun. My sister's family will be there too so there's going to be quite a houseful. It should be FAB!!!
Sunday is going to be a whistle-stop touristy tour as littlest nephew is currently obsessed with the Houses of Parliament. Bleeeesss...
So, for a change, I should have some interesting photos and events to tell you about. Just recently it feels like everything has been very flat. People keep being ill. The half term interrupts everything. And now kiddie has been off school. She's OK now though. Well enough that I dont have to sit next to her and watch endless CBBC. If I have to watch one more episode of 'Chucklevision' I may commit murder!!! Aaaaarrgghh!!!
In fact I shouldn't moan as I have managed to do some actual sewing today. Oops! Were you sitting down? Sorry I should've warned you.
Lookie at my little snowmen. :o) Same method as the Christmas Trees I made before. Hand stitched faces, felt noses. Now they need scarves and hats which I'm working on at the moment. Just need to get some more white felt as I've run out. There's always something...

Right. Must go. The over timer is pinging - Chicken Chasseur a la Colmans!! See. It's not all cookbooks!!


Kitty said...

Oh my - real toffee. I've never had a go - is it the sort of toffee that goes hard, or the chewy sort?

The biscuits look delicious. As do the snowmen.

Have a good weekend. x

Jackie said...

Well pardon me but I LOVE chucklevision. Well I did 23 years ago.
I want a gingerbread star!

Sal said...

Your biscuits look the sort that would melt in your the close up photo! Bet the toffee is gorgeous too ;-)

Kayla coo said...

Your snowmen are great, is that white lace you have used?
Oh and thanks for your comment it was lovely.x

Itsy Bitsy Funzy Onesie said...

yummy cookies!