Thursday, 24 July 2008

Thanks and Apologies

OK. I'm back now. Had a bit of catching up to do post-craft fair. The one thing that I had not had chance to do was to finish my Russian Doll swap contribution and, as Emma was sooooo generous I felt really mean not even managing to get her's finished in time for the deadline. So everything has been dropped this week so I could get it finished.
Well I'm pleased to announce I finally took the parcel to the Post Office this afternoon, so it's now winging it's way down south to JB*JB with a big hug and an even bigger SORRY. :o)

I've had nice post this week. First off Jennyflower (who won my giveaway not so long ago) has made me a 'thank you' prezzie with some of the threads she won.

How gorgeous is this? And it's rose-scented too. What with all the lavender kicking round at the moment, my workroom smells scrummy.
Thanks Jenny. You really shouln't have but it's lovely.

My second parcel of fabness was from Katy. I won her giveaway last week. Yipsters!!

Inside was this mystery parcel, a reel of pink polka-dot grosgrain ribbon (as I've said before you can never have too much grosgrain ribbon) and a bag of diet sabotage, sorry chocolate fudge. Well willpower flew out of the window and I had a chunk before breakfast. I love fudge with a passion and choccie fudge is my all-time fave. How did she know??
The pink paper-wrapped parcel contained my fab little quilty picture - the actual main prize. How cute is she? I don't know if it's the angle I've taken the photo at but she has a real defiant little look on her face I reckon. She's fab! Thanks soooo much Katy. You're a pal.

Well, because of the Russian doll thing I haven't got etsy sorted yet. Surprise surprise! I did get as far as setting up the shop security stuff and doing a temporary banner. Ta dah!!
The actual stocking of the shop will have to wait until after the weekend now as, hopefully by lunchtime tomorrow we'll be on our way down to sunny Devon. Girlie weekend here I come....

Sorry this is quite a short post but I will be back to normal next week. Really. No really. I will.

ttfn xx


Pecos Blue said...

Nice blog and some neat stuff. I live the saucy angle as well.

Chloe said...

Oooh you lucky thing winning all that stuff.
Chocolate fudge..... droooooool

Tip Top said...

Well done you!! And can't wait to see the Esty shop!!

silverpebble said...

Oof, I could murder a piece of that fudge. What gorgeous goodies, pressies and prizes. Love that little rose-scented embroidered bag.

Lovely Etsy banner - I plan to do the Etsy thing just as soon as my tiniest pebble gets a bit bigger. Good luck with it - I'll be visiting your shop when it's ready.

jennyflower said...

Glad you liked your thank you. Your wins are fab that little chick is ace! xx

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Box has made it down south and it's contents are on my blog! ;o)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Lucky you! That's a wonderful lot of mail. Hope you kissed the mailman!

Sal said...

I am not sure whether you will have caught any sun, down here in Devon?!! Hope you had a great time though :-)