Thursday, 10 July 2008

My cup runneth over...

Flippin' Heck!!! Is it Karma? I did a giveaway and spread a bit of happinness and it's coming back my way 10 fold. Jennyflower was having a pants day when I emailed and told her she'd won, and I'm sure she won't mind me telling you that it really cheered her up.
I have just had so much good stuff happen in the last couple of days I don't know where to begin.

Blog Award
Thanks so much to Blissful Artist and TipTop who have both given me this fab award. It's a "link-to-the-person-who-awards-it-and-then-nominate-seven-other-blogs-to-pass-the-award-on-to" kind of award. I'm going to cop out of the nominations process as I really should be upstairs slaving over a hot sewing machine and NOT sitting at the computer. I'll ponder who to pass it to once I get back to stitching.

I popped into Lichfield yesterday afternoon and found these two little gems in The Works (which was supposedly closing down). The button jewellery book has got some really good ideas in it and I do have an ever-increasing button stash so I may make some of the things out of it for the craft fair. Sponge brushes are always useful and there are so many different sizes in this packet. All for £1.99.

I also visited the St Giles Hospice shop on my way back home and found a load of fab books. Kiddie got 2 on the Ancient Greeks which she's 'doing' at school at the moment. Next week she has to go in Greek clothes so these books will come in handy when I'm trying to make a toga :o) She also got 4 Tiara Club books (her faves) and a Collins Guide to the Seashore. Great for when we go on hols and to Auntie Nick Nack's. I got a paperback and 2 Ladybird books for me. And also a Sarah Midda book - Growing Up and Other Vices. I have it already but couldn't leave it on the shelf. Her illustrations are so sweet and funny. They look like kids' books but are for grown-ups really.

I think I need to get some of these enlarged and framed. You mean you are supposed to grow out of being untidy? Noone told me. :o)

At about 5ish yesterday there was a knock at the front door (well a ring of the bell actually). It was BDB plus her kiddie with a prezzie for me. Whoop whoop! Since BDB has gone back to working full time (mad fool!) I have been picking her kiddie up from scholl one or two nights a week. This prezzie was to say thanks for doing that.

There's just a little hint on the box...
Ooh more pretty packaging...
Yay!!! I love Pilgrim jewellery and this turquoise ring was chosen to go with much of my belly dancing stuff. Isn't it scrummy? Thanks guys. It's lovely.
Belly Dancing
So as you know it was our next exam on Saturday. At Tuesday's lesson Maria decided she would tell us what mark we'd got if we wanted to know.
Woohoo!! I'm so chuffed. Out of 44 candidates(I think Maria said) there were only 4 distinctions given. BDB was one of the other 3. Clever girl. We will get our certificates and medals in class next week.
Slimming World
Yay!!! I went for my weekly weigh-in last night, thinking I may have lost 1lb. I'd actually lost 3, making 7 in total since I joined! Not only that but the week before last I was Slimmer of the Week. I just wish you could preserve that 'high' and bring it out when you are having a bad week. It would make dieting so much easier.
Maybe it was due in part to having certain parts of myself removed...
OK. OK. So many of you have asked. Here are the pics of...
The Haircut

Yup! That's the back. And the front...
Ta dah!! This is actually not the cut from college last Thursday. It just wasn't short enough. There was no getting away from it. So yesterday I made an appointment and went for another chop. Not quite Amelie but it's sooooo much better. :o)
And finally...
This is what I have been making all week. Well it is supposed to be a craft blog, after all.
I though I would be able to knock these out in a day. Pah!
(To be imagined in a ropey Geordie accent) "It's Day Four in the 'ethel and edna house' and the eleven tote bags are nearing completion. Housemate Lindsey will begin The Embellishing Challenge in ten minutes."
Buttons and beads are about to unleashed then they will finally be finished. Phew! Then I just have the task of pricing them. I HATE pricing things. Anyone got any suggestions for what to charge for a lined tote bag? Answers on a postcard, moocard, email or manky envelope pleeeease.
AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!! Did I really just do that?! Did I really make reference to BB? NOOOOOOOOO! I must retreat to my room to beat myself with a copy of the Slimming World magazine. :o)


Swirlyarts said...

Oooooh - I LOVE your hair! I had mine done before I went into hospital and it was a last minute thing when they could fit me in and it's frankly very boring. I need to have more cut off but it's just finding the time!

claireP said...

LOL!!! I read the last big in a geordie accent as instructed!
Nice hair (mine is VERY short) and how big are your tote bags?! :)


Krafty Keely said...

Well done on the 7Lbs and the distinction no wonder you are feeling great.

Have to agree your hair looks fab and as for the bags wouldn't know where to start.

Keely x

Sal said...

Great hair cut...and congratulations on the weight loss.You'll soon look like a new woman! ;-)
Not too sure about the cost of the tote bags but they are lovely.

jennyflower said...

Can't believe that you have been tote-ing too. Just popped over to put a link to you in mine! I think the bags are ace. I am trying to cost the raw materials of my stuff as a starting place for how much to charge. I am thinking of putting my bags up for £4.50 but I'm sure Simon will laugh and say it should be half that!

Katy said...

fab hair, it looks great!
I keep thinking abut making a tote bag...but I am crap at bags, and despite them being apparently simple I am too much of a div to get it right. You have made a whole Army of them (can't help with pricing - I am crap at that sorta thing too.I'll try... Um....a tenner?)

Tip Top said...

All lookin' very good!!

Price? Hmmm, I'll go for a mid price £7.50!!

Chloe said...

Fab hair! It looks great.
You need some pink highlights in there too you know ;)

The tote bags are great too. I'm like gingermonkey, I'm pants at making bags.
But price wise I'll go for £8.50......ish?????

incywincy said...

You sure are a super belly dancer!!! Well done. x

Great hair do!! & loving those bags! I'd say about £6 for a smaller tote/£9 if larger. x

maria said...

Hi, great bargains, I'll have to visit the works, our sewing group needs some of those sponges for fabric dyeing.
I know how you feel about pricing your bags, I've had the same problem in the past. You don't want to give them away yet you don't want to charge too much and no one buys. Are they adult size? If so about £7.00, if they sell well for that price you could perhaps increase it a bit another time.

Jackie said...

I need to tell you 4 no 5 things.
1 Your hair is fab
2 You are very clever losing half a stone
3 This is the first year since Cameron went to sooth africa that I have not been addicted to BB
4 Your new posts are not coming through on my google reader and I don't think mine are and I don't know why
5 In Greece its a chiton, not a toga
(Thats the primary teacher in me coming through and my obsession with all things Greek)

When I added you to my google reader yours came through as 'feedburner for e and e etc. Don't know why. Don't want to miss any of your posts!

Brixham bird said...

verry naice hair bird, mine is like a mad bush at present...must book in to Brixham "granny salon! asap
STOP PRESS e-bay selling success!!!I sold a set of hand made/crafted delphin style swim rings (similar to ones i aquired years ago for thruppence ha'penny) FOR....£21!!!!
with p+p its £24!!! yee haa nothing will stop me now....

Fibrespace said...

My Mum's got that button book, i borrowed it for a while, but rather than use my huge stash I found I was buying more buttons to make into jewellery!! The bags look lovely, very summery, good luck with the craft fair!

Molly said...

I love the totes and your hair. So nice. Reminds me that I need to go in for a chop soon. Good luck with the craft fair! Molly P.S. I also have that same problem with google reader that Jackie mentions....

Daisie said...

Great totes, love them! If they are embellished (as you mentioned) then sell for £10 depending on size and where you're selling them. Make sure you let people know they are OOAK too, customers like to feel special. My totes are lined with one inside pocket and I sell them for £8 and they go quite nicely. Good luck!

Purple Sparkle said...

Grow out of being untidy? He he that's funny!
Love your blog by the way - will add you to my bloglist so I can keep up :-) Becky x