Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Embarrassment of Riches

Well I did tell you that I'd had some fab post, so now I can show it to you all. And what a lucky girl I am.

First up is my Parcel all the way from Americky. Molly (apple cyder) has been fretting so much about being late with my Toadstool swap parcel, but it was truly worth waiting for. The sweetie sent it all wrapped up in this box

Even the paper she used was nice, and really interesting with all the stamps and stickers on it. Of course, it has been kept for something...

And here is the toadie. It's fab 'cause I think it really reflects the fact that it's from an American quilter. The cap is actually a yoyo (or Suffolk puff as I was always taught), which to me seems a really American technique. Molly chose fabby fabrics in pinks and greens just like I asked. And, although she says she added the grass fringe to help it stand up, I think it looks like a little hula skirt and yet another American influcence. It's lovely and I can't wait to get my room sorted so it can go on display.

In addition to the toadstool Molly also sent me a mini example of her true style of working - a mini quilt for one of my Silly Girls. Again it's in pink and green. Here is one side...

...and here is the other. I can't decide which I like most. I love the green polka dot border fabric.

She also picked up on a comment I made about how much I love swaps and the fact that it's like Christmas coming early. She sent me this great Michael Miller fabric, again in my fave colours, but with a Christmas tree design. I can't wait to use this!

Thanks so much Molly. This was a truly fab swap.

A while ago I entered a giveaway competition on the blog of Beadsbydesign (Crystal Velvet Weddings). The prize was a necklace and pair of earrings in the colours of my choice. How cool was that?! I decided on turquoisey bluey colours as my belly dancing gear is in those colours and many of my normal stuff is too. Unfortunately Mr Postie lost them. I didn't realise but I just kept waiting and waiting. In the end I contacted Karen as I was worried something had gone wrong. Bless her - despite being a really busy time for her she got a new set off in the post and I got it a couple of days later. I think you'll agree that it was worth waiting for. Aren't they beautiful?

She has used genuine Swarovski crystals and Balinese silver beads.

They are so gorgeous I didn't wait 'til belly dancing class I wore them the next day. :o) Thanks once again to Karen for such a fab prize.

OK so onto the final parcel. Well about 10 days ago I won another giveaway (call it a lucky streak :o) hehehe) so, knowing what was in it, I was expecting a largish package. However this huge Jiffy bag proved not to be from Diary of a Tinyholder. It was from JellyBelly*JellyBrain - my swap partner in the Russian Doll Swap. Ooooh... excitement...

When I opened the bag I could not believe my eyes. In fact I actually emailed Emma to make sure I'd got the right parcel. There was just so much in there! Look!
Here is the Russian doll part of the swap. How fab is this? A personalised canvas. Definitely one for the wall. And a little Russian doll pin. Cute.
But that is just the beginning. Emma had to decided to have a destash and I have been on the receiving end of her generosity. How lucky am I?!! Fabric covered buttons, funky leopard print tape,
handbag charm, ring, beads, little painted bells,
vintage buttons, pretty patterned napkins, maribou trim, ribbons,
beads, heart hanger and on and on. I am overwhelmed! What a generous lady she is. And what a massive challenge I have on my hands to send her something equally as fantastic in return.

At least I have some good news on the crafting front. IT'S HERE!! I have my bookshelf! And my books are on it already. Sadly I'm out on a trip with school all day so I can't get stuck in 'til later. Oh well. Soon I will be able to get productive. And in the meantime I have all these goodies to look at and stroke.

Thank you sooooo much to all my blog buddies who have sent me these fab prezzies. I am extremely grateful. I just hope you're all entered into my giveaway so I can do a bit of giving to balance all this receiving out. You've got until the weekend to enter.

Oh last thing. Went to SW weigh in tonight. Boo hiss! I put on 1lb. I'm not in the least bit surprised though. We had sooo much food left from the party and there was no way I was throwing it all away. It's all gone now though. No more cake or quiche for me.

ttfn xxx

PS Back luck Andy. Better luck next time :o(


Lavender hearts said...
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Daisie said...

Oh, am soooo jealous, what lovely goodies, especially the fabric buttons. You lucky, lucky lady!!!
Will keep you informed as to how Swirly is doing and will pass on your kind wishes, thanks.
Daisie xxx

Daisie said...

Me, again, I haven't visited for a while so have been reading for a bit and what comes on your tune player but 'Barbarism begins at home' OMG haven't heard that for ages, time to dig out 'meat is murder' for a quick listen and twirl! Thanks, you have given my day direction now!!

molly (apple cyder) said...

Holy Russian Doll Swap goodies! I love those fabric buttons too.

Glad you liked everything--and I love your hula-skirt interpretation! I had fun and was so glad to be your partner.

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

psssst ... my workroom is nice and tidy at the moment ... I don't want lots of your clear-out stuff in it's place!!

Glad you like the russian doll picture, I was really stuck for ideas!

Tip Top said...

Wow!! JB*JB is soooo generous!!!

Miaou said...

Oh wow, lucky you! What a fab collection of winnings :-)

BTW I notice your toadstool is balanced on The Time Travellers Wife - great book!

Swirlyarts said...

Fabulous goodies - I'm just a bit jealous!!

Jackie said...

Well done to you and all your swap friends for keeping the Royal mail in business (Even if they did lose it)