Sunday, 20 July 2008

I remember yoooo-ooou....

Hello. It's me. I'm back.
Sorry for the distinct lack of posts this last week. Yesterday was... da da daaaaa!... the Truly Handmade Craft Fair. My First Ever Craft Fair. In the run up to this hallowed event I have been frantically busy trying to get stuff ready. Here is my humble display.

The table cloths were a cerise pink muslin curtain and a single bed valance that I just happened to have kicking around and were pretty much the perfect size. Next time (?) I just want to applique "ethel and edna" to the valance - if and when there is a next time.

The all-important question - How did I do? Weeeeeell... I didn't make a fortune put it that way, but I did better than the stalls on either side of me, although I think having several friends visit and spend with me made a big difference. The girl selling kiln-formed glass to my left has been going to fairs for 8 years and I think she covered her table cost. The couple on my other side were 'proper' jewellers/silversmiths and I don't know if they sold anything.

There seemed to be quite a few customers coming through but I have nothing to compare with as this was my first fair. I don't think the local papers had given the fair any coverage in the run-up which didn't help matters. I hope for her Christmas fair Caroline manages to get more editorial in the local press.

Here are a few close-ups.
There are the Silly Girls all bundled together in their basket. Two of their number went to new homes. Yippee!! And there are some of my rosey brooches, as featured on incy wincy's website (click the button up on the left for more details :o).

And here are some last minute additions to the proceedings. As I am/we are "ethel and edna's tearoom" I thought that tea and cake should be available. May I present the Rosie Lee teabag softies. They have little faces embroidered on them and the tags say different things such as 'tea', 'cuppa' 'Rosie Lee' and so on. Confess they were meant to be rose-scented too but I couldn't manage to get hold of any rose oil in time :o(. The other items are cup cake pincushions/softies. All made from recycled clothing, felt, pin 'hundreds and thousands' and a pompom cherry on top.
There are the ceramic kiddie shoes that I made last year and my tea towel totes, as well as some cards that I made ages ago and forgot all about until Friday night.
Now I really have no excuse not to get listing on etsy. I have all this stuff made so as soon as I can get my sticky mitts on hubbie's credit card to set up the security details I'll get to it.

But the highlight of the day was... I finally got to meet incywincy Sam in the flesh. Sorry Hun, I know it's not the most flattering photo in the world but I'm sure you'll get your own back when you post your piccie ;o). And I have to say that Em is even more beautiful than in her photos. She is such a little cutie. It was great to meet you and all the family. Hope you did OK on the sales front. I'm sure you did.

So... what now? Well the school hols have started as of Friday so I have a kiddie to amuse and entertain for 6 weeks. I have the challenge of getting some stuff listed on etsy. I have to finish my Russian Doll Swap (huge apologies to Emma once again). And I am eagerly anticipating next weekend - THE Girlie Weekend. Yay!!! Destination: Brixham. Eight girls, one yacht and one (lucky, lucky) skipper. All hubbies and kids left onshore and we sail off into the sunset... Well we stay on board all weekend from Friday night 'til Sunday evening with good food and plenty drink. Let's just pray for hot, sunny weather then we can have a nice little sail around to Dartmouth. Picnic on board. Jump in for a swim. Just chillin'. Bliss... Sorry have I made you all jealous enough now? hehehe I'm counting off the days let me tell you.

OK. I'm waffling now. Will post again much more quickly than of late.

ttfn xxx


Maureen said...

Your stall looks great and the pin cushions good enough to eat, glad you had a good day.

Maureen said...

Your stall looks great and those pin cushions good enough to eat, glad you had a good day.

Kitty said...

Your table looks great - I'm pleased you did 'ok'. I used to do craft sales - there was no telling ahead of the sale how we'd do. Absolutely awful to sit there for hours on end and not sell much at all :-( But other times when we did well were a lot more fun.

I did answer you at my blog about the monkeys - you need to stuff them VERY firmly, and sort of 'smooth' the sock as you go along. Please feel free to email if you want to.

Take care. x

Jackie said...

Your stall looks so pretty, you deserved to do well but getting people to spend money is tricky. I was just thinking, we went for the meal last night and spent as much money as would have made a day at a craft fair seem almost worthwhile, but try and get me to spend say £7 on a handmade goodie form a craft fair....(and I'm a seller!)
Thank you for your lovely 'voice' and birthday wishes and comments. Forgive me for being a grump.I wasn't getting at you or your blog about the playlist, but I have the radio on all day and sometimes an unexpected blast of something loud is disturbing.
I love music, all kinds, (Seth Lakeman too)but I think I'd just had one too many shocks that day!And there was one blog I kept going back to and it was the same thing EVERY time.
(PS You will be chillin if you jump in water in Brixham in this weather)

Sal said...

You must be really pleased..your display looks great!;-)

Tip Top said...

Fantastic!! I've been awaiting your post to find out how you did!!

Stall looks wonderful!!

And nice to see how Sam looks!!

Purple Sparkle said...

What a beautiful stall! I wish I could have been there! :-)

Fushia Lover Fiona said...


I found you blog via Little Cotton Rabbits. I really like your blog. I'm turning into a bit of a blog-o-holic!

I like your cupcakes! I love the seedy bugel beads on the top.

I have been trying to make them, I find the beads have been fiddly, and I found a good range and soooo cheap and beautiful at ( I'll add their link on the bottom of my name) off Julie's blog also.

I love your music selection, I love Kate Rusby.

Do you like The Cure?

incywincy said...

Your table looked fab Ethel and I love the little the tea bag softies :D

I hope your etsy shop is now open and filled with those super cute sillies :D

Swirlyarts said...

Oh my goodness - those tea bags are adorable! Your stall looks fab. get that Etsy shop open so that I can buy goodies from you :)

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Kitty - Thanks for the advice. Think I need better quality wadding as well to be honest.

Jackie - Think if I don't jump this time I'll be pushed!! I am a bit of a Jonah with the weather down in Brixham. Let's hope things aren't too bleak this time.

Fiona - They are pins not beads, pushed right down. The Cure - had forgotten about adding them but check photos of hub's 40th party - I married Robert Smith!!!

incy and swirly - etsy shop coming v soon. Watch this space! Funny isn't it - most people didn't know what they were yesterday!!

Tizzalicious said...

I love your setup, and you sell such super cute things!

Katy said...

your table looks gorgeous!!! Glad you did ok, but sorry you didn't do brilliantly - you should have done!

Chloe said...

What a lovely table.
It really looks great, very eye catching.
I love the tea bag softies, they are sweet.

maria said...

Your stall looked very pretty. The table covers looked particularly good, they made the stall look really eye catching.
So good to hear that the fair was for proper hand made stuff. So many fairs are called "craft" fairs but many stalls sell bought in stuff and are certainly not craft. Sadly, when we did fairs me and my friend noticed that lots of people bought what we called cheap "tat".
Have a great girly weekend.

Ruth said...

I have never heard of anyone making a fortune on craft fairs, sound like you did better than most, I think it looked great :)

Anonymous said...

Hey chaps - great to see you at the fair - I think your 2 lovely friends were my best customers! was our 2nd craft fair, and we didn't do brilliantly either, but met lots of lovely people & that's worth a smile :) I'm going to log a few of these great blogs & post them on mine as my favs. P.S. I need to check out your photos - my little sis loves Robert Smith - she keeps pestering me to make her a 'robert' doll! which is one of my next projects - I'll give you a buzz when I've finished him - see if he resembles your hubby :)

Phillipa & Alex :) x

pebbledash said...

Hello! Your stall looks wonderful - well done. And get that etsy shop up and running. It'll be christmas soon (did I really say that!) Diana x ps really hot and sunny here in Cornwall. Not that I want to rub it in or anything!

JuicyFig said...

oooh, the stall looks gorgeous! I love the tea bags - what a fun idea!

enjoy the girly weekend - I am too sea sick to even venture out on a peddalo!


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Your stall looks great! I especially love your tea bags. Good luck with the Etsy store, it's fun and gets addictive.

jennyflower said...

Your stall does look ace, lots of height, and really nice products. Any hot tips so share? Any lessons learned? Hope you have a brilliant cruise! x

Meridian Ariel said...

your table looked fantastic.. glad you did ok but you desereved to have done fabulously... If I could have made it there I would definitly have bought something from your lovely wares.

I hope the next one you do goes better! love the little tea bag softies, but I'm nota big tea drinker.. though I do use black tea to stain my book pages.

Miaou said...

What a wonderful looking table! Very striking. Glad you did ok, I don't think anyone ever makes much money from these things though unfortunately. How nice to see Sam too! Blog worlds collide ;-)

Robyn said...

Your table looks great and I love the cup cakes!Your girlie weekend sounds like pure bliss.