Sunday, 16 March 2008

Organised? Me?

Oh it's so true - if I was organised I'd be dangerous. Likewise if I could make a decision and stick to it!! I ended up NOT going to Sewing for Pleasure. Took incy's advice and ordered my wool roving off the 'net, saving myself at least £17 in the process. Felt a bit icky anyway today so couldn't face the treck up the M42!! Instead I put the hands onto my dolls and started giving them all boob jobs! Can't have belly dancers without something to shimmy! :0)

Have washed my lovely lot of goodies from yesterday and will post photos as soon as they are all ironed.

Lots of work at college this week - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Just means not much time for creative work. Will have to make the most of every spare minute.

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