Saturday, 29 March 2008

Aaarrgghh!! I hate coathangers!!!!

I spent most of this morning wrestling with hundreds of the damn things and I just hate the way they fight back. Sorry - to explain. We are going to swap bedrooms. Kiddie is going in the back where it's quieter and we are having the bigger front bedroom. I started today by emptying her wardrobe (no mean feat in itself). After throwing out everything she'd outgrown (for eBay I hasten to add), the leaftover hangers had to go in a carrier bag and that's when the trouble started. Grrr! Tomorrow Phase 2 begins. Dismantling furniture and moving it to the other room. Luckily kiddie has a sleepover from 4pm so she will be out of the way and unable to "help".
I have finally finished the bag I was making for littlest niece's (or should I say ONLY niece's) Easter present. Better late than never, I suppose. I have nearly finished the other two that I have also been working on. I will upload pictures to Flickr and create a link tomorrow as it is now 10 to 1. Got stuck into BBCiPlayer - watching the Mighty Boosh documentary that was on last week. I didn't realise I'd missed it. It was fab to see the early footage of them all and to see just how many other people are fans. Catch it if you can before it's too late!

Now I must away to beddie-byes. Need to get my head around the next projects on the list:-

  1. belly dancing doll for Maria (whose 40th will be here before I know it);
  2. seaside-flavoured interior stuff for the shop in Brixham;
  3. ideas for the Truly Handmade craft fayre in Sutton (OK it's not til July but I need to get truly sorted in plenty of time);
  4. PLUS serious investigations into what is the most likely way to be profitable through being creative (answers on a postcard please :0) he he). If we are ever going to relocate to the coast I NEED to be able to actually make a profit, and the best time to build up a SERIOUS business is now - while I'm not reliant upon the money.
Ha! If only it was that easy... Do you think I'll actually get any sleep with all that going round in my head???? :0)

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