Friday, 29 February 2008

Well that was a complete waste of time then! The table-top sale at Boley earned me the grand sum of about £2.75!!! By the time the table was paid for and kiddie had bought cake, drinks and MY Mother's Day present(!?) there was nothing left. The problem was definitely a case of the sale being neither one thing nor another. People expect a table sale to be an indoor car boot with lots of second-hand goodies going cheap. If it's a craft fair you need to advertise as such and have ONLY hand-made stuff on sale. This event was a mix of both so we lost out on both sides.

What I did sell a few of were my badges. Hooray! It's better than nothing but they were miles too cheap having said that.

One good thing was I actually met 'crafty claire' from the UK Craft Forum. It's great to finally put a face to a name and meet someone in the flesh. She was quite encouraging about my stuff as well.

I am now going to concentrate on my dolls for a bit. I am trying to develop the pattern to make a belly dancer for Maria's 40th prezzie and I am also going to produce a few 'Red Hatters' to try on eBay. A school mum saw them at the table sale and was quite interested in one for her mum's 60th birthday, so I will try to get ahead of the game and make one in readiness.

Even these I haven't costed properly but I fear it will be the old story - charge even a reasonable rate per hour and they will be prohibitively expensive to buy. We'll see. I'm going to have a bash at batch production and time the process, then we shall see...

Maria presented us with a certificate and a bouquet of flowers for our 'special award' in the belly dancing exams. The only problem was neither of us was well enough to go to the class!! Julia popped in to tell her we wouldn't be there so she brought mine and droppped it off. Next level we will have to not try so hard. Someone else needs a chance to get the top award and we can't keep sharing! It's getting really embarrassing!!

Wednesday night was the Smarty's Fashion Show for the PTA. I was one of 7 catwalk models for the clothes and we had such a laugh. I don't know if it's down to the belly dancing or whether it's getting older but I just don't get nervous about performing in public and stuff like that any more. Some of the others were so worried but me and Julia (Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee we've decided!!) had to go down as a pair and we had a blast - posing and shimmying as we went. Everyone kept coming up to me afterwards and saying how good we were (parp parp! - blowing my own trumpet!). If I could just get the height and the figure I would take it up professionally - ha ha!

We must have done OK tho' as they made about £600 on the night which is fab! I borrowed the dosh off mum and bought onbe of my outfits in the end. A Per Una multi coloured skirt and a dayglo greeny-yellow t-shirt which sounds foul but many peeps told me how good it looked and I'm a sucker for compliments.

Right - back to the dolly. I have to research gothic belly dance head gear - turbans, dangles, tassels and flowers. Weeeeeee!


saraeden said...

I love the green badge !!!

Sara x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Thanks. I'm really pleased with it. Red and green - good old 'colour theory' at work!! :0)