Friday, 1 February 2008

February?! Who stole January While I wasn't Looking?

Here I go again! Another week to update. I think it's cuz this week has been so frantic that I haven't had time to sit and write. I realise from looking at other blogs I need to do a little bit every day. I just have to get into the routine. So where to begin....

Monday was my first day meeting Emma (who I'm going to be covering for at college). I spent the lesson going through each student's work with Emma and the student to get a feel for what they are doing and how they are getting on with it. Some of 'em were a bit hard going - mono-syllabic answers to every question. Some have got real potential tho'. I got quite enthused looking at the stuff they were doing. I want to get the soluble fabric out and do a bit of free-machining!!!

Tuesday was the dreaded INJECTIONS!!!!! Spent the day fretting about how I wouod break the news to DD when I picked her up from school. Of course, I needn't have worried - she was fine, well a bit upset but she didn't freak out like I thought she would. She came away with 2 dead legs and a £17 mermaid chariot from ELC!! I just got 2 dead arms and a slightly bigger overdraft!! Today I started the "2 bowls, 2 meals" diet. Cereal for breakfast, cereal for lunch and real food for tea. I know I wont make much of a dent in things before holiday but I need to get kick-started somehow. We'll see how it goes...

Wednesday was my graduation ceremony. I am a real graduate now. Unfortunately mum couldn't come cuz she has really bad vertigo. If she had had to sit in the Symphony Hall she would probably have fallen off!! I let 'him indoors' off from coming as ethel's other half wasn't attending either. So it was just the girls together.

What a long and tedious day!! It consisted of lots of hanging around, lots of sitting and clapping, 3 seconds up on stage shaking hands and not much else, including not much food or drink!!! Refreshments were supposedly provided but by the time we had given back our robes there was nothing left bar stewed coffe and 2 manky Danishes!! Nice. Sadly we were both too broke to afford to go out for our planned meal at Chez J. Once I've been paid we are going to go for def.
Thursday was parents evening and then belly dancing. Mrs G is very pleased with DDs progress. All is well there. Maria worked us very hard at belly dancing. Hip shimmies - side and straight - and then upwards 8s which are SOOOO hard. Really expected to suffer next day (today) but was not the case (kind of disappointingly). I really want to believe this is doing me some good apart from the enjoyment factor.
Friday is today. Nice postal delivery today - white satin belly dancing outfit and pattern to make whole range of belly dance costume pieces. Good old eBay! Went to Burton to try to get gold stuff to make an outfit for the party tomorrow. Dunelm was quite disappointing - gold strung sequins and gold organza and that was about it. So I wandered into town to try Primark for something cheap and ready-made. Aarrgghh!! Where has it gone??!! I forgot that it had moved until I found it accidentally whilst on my way to Next. Phew!! Unfortunately nothing gold but I got a great haul of goodies ready for Egypt. Also bought a really scrummy maxi dress from Monsoon for £15! A bargain! Spent some of my Waterstone's voucher on a fab book called 'I Love Knitting'. Gave it all up as a bad job in the end and went back to Dunelm where I bought 10meters of strung sequins and 4 of organza and tomorrow I have got to cobble something together REALLY quickly!

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