Saturday, 9 February 2008

Oh I'm so useless at keeping this thing up to date. Even my idea of "little and often" didn't work out. Oh well -my blog is just going to have to be an "as and when" affair instead!!
Got the results of my belly dancing exam on Thursday. God I'm a creep - Julia and I shared the 'special award' which was the best in the class, better than highly commended. Aren't we just fab! There will be a presentation after half term when we will receive our certificates and medals. What with that one and my two HND certs, I'm going to need more wall space.
The event of the week has been that I've FINALLY sorted out and tidied up my workroom. I've got rid of the huge trestle table and replaced it with a square kitchen table. Hopefully this way I can keep the surface clear to work on rather than pile it high with 'stuff'. I just need a couple of shelves inside the wardrobe so I can reorganise that. It is so much better now. My fabric is all pile up on a huge shelf but it's accessible to rummage through so it WILL get used. All my ribbons, braids, trimmings and so on have been sorted out too. I'm just itching to get in there now but will have to wait until next week now as......

.....tomorrow we fly off to Egypt for the week. Woo hoo!!! How excited is kiddie!? And me to be honest. It's not quite the same because the weather has been so good here today, but going somewhere hot in the middle of February is so decadent! lol Only problem I've had is a distinct lack of summer clothes. I've been hitting eBay like a madthing (strike? what strike!!) buying shorts, tops and bikinis for me and for kiddie. The postman has been laughing at the amount of parcels we've had delivered. He hasn't known what's hit him.
Well I must leave it there - packing still to do!!

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