Saturday, 26 January 2008

Nearly a week since my last post - how awful! Especially now that I see someone has added me to THEIR list of blogs to watch. Thanks to 'What Katy Did' for adding me to her list and for letting me put her on mine. (Is this correct blog-etiquette I wonder?!)

Hers was the first crafty blog I ever saw and I fell in love with the pictures of her work 'shed' straightaway. What a complete haven - when I look at my scruffy little cupboard I am so envious. I MUST go and have a tidy up.

Today Julia and I took our first belly dancing exam (lol). Didn't know what to wear so ended up exposing bare naked belly. The poor workmen at Fradley village hall weren't expecting that this morning!!! The exam went fine. Very straightforward. We find out our results in 2 weeks. Oooh the stress!

This is a picture of us at the last Hafla, in November. I'm the blond one and I'd love to leave it at that but must
confess that the skinny thing at the front, altho she shares my name, is not me! I'm the one in the bluey skirt.

Have actually started being productive this week. Made on little felt shoe from my BIG shoe pattern used in my graduation show. Quite cute. They have a lot of potential. Once I got the bug I came up with a whole rash of ideas for developing these little babies. As soon as I've got a few made i will take some photos.

Speaking of photos - have finally got myself up and running on Flickr. The next thing is to link them up to this site. Oh the excitement!! 21st century here I come!!!

Want to take some decent photos of my ceramic shoes to put on Flickr. Now I have also signed up to UK Craft Forum I have found lots of tips about how to do this. Next week I will set my little light box up and see what happens.

Also made some little badges from old embroidery odds and ends. There are potentially two craft fairs coming up in Lichfield which I could test the water at. One for Boley Park Play Group and one for Cathedral School - talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. Both are before Easter and Mothering Sunday so will try to gear my stuff towards these two celebrations. The little badges would be great attached to hand-made cards as Easter or 'mummy' gifts. Just need to keep plodding away at them.

Don't think I mentioned that I start 'proper' work again on Monday. Ian A rang last Thursday and asked me if I wanted some work. I thought he was going to ommission me to make something. Instead he asked me if I fancied teaching Foundation Fashion and Textiles one day a week? Only for 41/4 hours but at teaching rate that's enough to keep his nibs happy. It couldn't be better really. Get it all over with right at the beginning of the week so the rest of the time I can concentrate on being creative for me.

Stop the Press: Have managed to create my Flickr badge and its all in place on my bloggy-wog. The sense of achievment is incredible. I think I'd better quit while I'm ahead.

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