Monday, 4 August 2008

This is... trade secret.

Well I must use this term in it's loosest sense as I wouldn't really call myself a member of the trade. I'm not quite a professional yet. :o)

But I suppose my secret weapon is the much maligned eBay!!! I know some people have a nightmare selling stuff through the site, particularly if you have a shop account, but I have had some fab craft bargains from there so that's why I've chosen it.

Take this weekend - I bought a 25 metre roll of Bondaweb. It's the 45cm wide stuff which usually retails at about £3.50 a metre. I have just paid £24 for the lot including postage. While it's a hefty chunk to outlay, that's only £1 per metre and if I resell some of it I could make back what I've spent.

Not too long ago I bought a bundle of felt offcuts for less than a tenner. This was not your average pieces of polyester stuff that you'd find in Hobbycraft, it was obviously good quality wool mix felt and there were some really big pieces. The parcel was huge when it arrived.

I think I love the challenge of the auction as well. It's so exciting in those dying seconds... "will I win it or not?". It's too easy (or not in some cases) to just walk into a shop and choose off the shelf whatever you want. Buying off eBay, and from car boots sales and charity shops is more of a treasure hunt or a lucky dip. You never know what you're going to find. Some days there's nothing. Other days there are some really great bargains. You just have to keep checking. Just look what Liz at Altered Life found the other day.

I am soooo excited about my Bondaweb now. I've been Googling for inspiration to get my mojo up and running again and I can't wait for it to arrive. Maybe I'll finally get back to being a bit more experimental.

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ttfn xx


Sal said...

Yep I agree..I got some lovely embroidery(as you've seen!)a bargain. ;-)

artisbliss said...

I've had very good luck with e-bay myself, both buying and selling.

Pipany said...

I haven't really got going on e-bay yet, but am in the wings waiting! Lovely to hear you will be visiting Cornwall soon (will try and order some decent weather for you!!!!). Gwithian is beautiful and there are loads of gorgeous places to see close by - email me if you're stuck for ideas xx

Jackie said...

I never thought of getting it on ebay..I bought mine from the factory.
I've given up on the this is theme because although I've asked several times I haven't been put on the list so there's not much point!
Enjoy looking at everyone else's though.

Kayla coo said...

Hi,Thanks for your very lovely comment on my new blog.
I hope you have a lovely holiday and enjoy your sketching.

Michala x

tillyboo said...

Hiya, Bondaweb is my bestest friend, I use loads of it. You lucky thing grabbing such a bargain.

You really must visit Cowslip, honestly you won't be disappointed. make sure you pop into the cafe/ restaurant behind the shop. The cakes are delicious and such a lovely setting.
When you arrive you'll drive down a track which looks like you are just going into a farm but take the left hand fork upon reaching the farm and it'll take into a car park. Stop for a second to take in the view ...
My parents live 5 minutes in one direction and my brother 2 mins in the other. They think I go down to visit, he! he! ....

jennyflower said...

Bondaweb is my nemesis but I love Ebay too! When I had just had Will and was a tiny bit (!) low I had great fun treasure hunting and getting lots of sparkley post was ace. If only I'd known about Blogging back then the poor little chap would never have left the house!