Sunday, 8 February 2009

...with bells on.

Yes that's right. It is sunny in these photos. And yes they were taken yesterday. It was cold. Very cold but the sun was actual warm when the wind wasn't blowing. Anyhoo it was a great day for dancing. I just wish I had my kit ready so I could have joined in.

These are all members of The Rynild Rabble, as mentioned yesterday. And once or twice before that :O)

Look at the lovely raggy coats.

Look at the lovely embellished (oooh that word) top hats.

I can't wait to get mine sorted so I can join in too.

You may have spotted a new addition to my right hand panel. A widget to do with a film about Morris dancing... It looks fantastic. Like a Morris version of The Full Monty and with an amazing cast. If you click on the widget and visit the website you'll discover that sadly it is not scheduled to go on general release. It will be shown in selected small venues in Dorset and that's it.
A member of the Rabble has contacted them to see if we could hold a screening locally but they will not come to Staffordshire. So our only hope is that it goes on National Release, for which we are petitioning.
Go on. You know you want to. Click and sign the petition. Keep us simple fools, who like to dress up and leap about, happy.
Thank you for listening.

Have you noticed I haven't posted any snowy photos. Aren't I kind? I thought I'd inflicted enough family frolics on you by now. There are more Morris pictures on Flickr and I may add some snowy ones. But to be honest our snowmen were lame. Our snowballs fights were great but not photographed. The most interesting thing was the variety of methods of transporting groceries as my car was snowed in.

My trolley came out to play for the second time and we also used the sledge - not much room when there's kiddie on it too!!

And now it's all melted. :O(

But wait...

What's that?


Nope. It's more snow!!!

Here we go again...

Still. At least kiddie has got some new wellies now and won't have to borrow mine. Dry feet for me! Yay!!

Next time...

Crafting. Yes really. I WILL take some photos of what I've been working on. Honest!



Kitty said...

No.1's feet are now the same size of mine, so she has commandeered my wellies! I hope her feet grow again soon!

We made a slightly naughty snow thing. She's melted now, not completely, but she's not saucy anymore. More snow forecast for here too. I'm fed up with it! x

Hens Teeth said...

What lovely colourful fun.

Sal said...

It looks a lot of fun and they do look a right rabble!! ;-)

Jackie said...

doea this me4an the belly dancing is over? I wonder if you could combine the two. The
morris ring would be horrified!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Love the morris trailer! Not least because that's how we all speak round here!
Zoider anyone?!?!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Jackie: Ooooh no. The belly dancing still continues. Morris dancing is instead of going to the gym or doing some other boring CV workout. :O) And I can do it wearing loud (in every way) clothes too!!

JuicyFig said...

ahhhh, how wonderfully british - not just the morris dancers, but the fact that they are out there dancing in FEBRUARY! I love this country!!!! :~)

silverpebble said...

He he - Morris Men! A film about Morris Dancing you say? Sounds like a must. I love the contrast between the gorgeous blue sea and hotness of the last post and the parky-looking special coat-wearing Englishness of this one. Magic. Emma x