Sunday, 15 February 2009

The end of the rainbow...

So this is what I've been obsessed with for the past week (when I haven't been feeling yucky due to man flu).

Many of you may have seen this amazing creation by Crafty Intentions. It was shown all over the interweb - Craftster, Flickr and many, many blogs. It is beautiful. I have covetted it for belly dancing for a long time now. Finally, I decided that I just had to have one of my own so, after a quick email to Megan asking if she minded, I got to work.

First there was the cutting of the squares. I got a stiff neck, arm and shoulder from overuse of the rotary cutter. I thought I'd damaged myself dancing or I'd slept funny but no, it was the demon cutting wheel that had done the damage.

Once all those squares were stacked up I had to sew them all together.

First into long strips like this.

Then, with a huge stitch length on the machine, I tacked along the edge so I could start gathering.

Ta-da!!!! All the frilly, ruffled layers were now ready to be pinned and stitched together.

Tune in later today (when I've had chance to take more photos) to see the finished skirt. :O)
Other News
It's half term (in case anyone hadn't noticed). Tomorrow we are hopefully going to the Big Smoke for a day of museums. Kiddie wants to see 'mummies' so it looks like we'll be hitting the British Museum, and maybe the Natural History Museum and possible the V&A, if I'm lucky. We're trying to do it 'on the cheap' so lunches will be packed, flasks will be filled and bargain train tickets frantically searched for :O).
I did the stick-bashing thing yesterday for all of... umm... 5 minutes. Then I felt this rather alarming 'TWAAANG' in my calf muscle and even walking was not an option for a while. I had warmed up properly, but the boots I was wearing had stopped my ankle from moving freely and caused me to do something strange when I stepped. I had to sit and watch for the rest of the practice. Boo hiss! I spent the rest of the day hobbling around even with generous application of ibuprofen gel and tubigrip bandages. Luckily it feels much better after a night's sleep. And now I have to go and buy some new trainers/shoes. Aw shucks!
Right. Better go and take some photos of my twirly skirt while the sun is shining. I can't believe how mild it is today. I have actually got washing outside on the line. What a domestic goddess I am! lol


Daisie said...

Oh Et!!! How beautiful is your skirt going to be? Wow!!!
Hope the ankle is fully recovered for your trip to the capital. Watch that dinosaur at the british museum, it shrinks you know (well, always seems smaller everytime I see it)!

Jackie said...

You don't hang about do you?
Lovely work.
I want to see that film but it doesn't seem to be coming up North,sad.

JuliaB said...

Lovely colours! Hope your ankle feels better soon and that you have a fab time with the mummies! x