Friday, 6 February 2009

Holiday Snaps *yawn*

It was a tough job but someone had to do it. Here are just a few random pictures from The Holiday to bore you all to tears. Once I get these off my chest normal service will be resumed. :O)

Above are a few fishes spotted on the last day of the holiday. In about 3 feet of water just off the hotel's beach.

OH and kiddie went snorkelling. Look! Here she is.

This is hubbie ready to descend on another wreck. Does that look like fun to you? All that kit? All those hoses and things? That stupid (though wise) dayglo hood? I ask you...

This is part of Ras Mohammed - a national underwater park near Sharm. It is all highly protected to preserve that coral and other inhabitants of the reef. Every year parts of it are closed to give it a chance to recover. Think crop rotation.
Beneath the surface here is Jackfish Alley.

This is a view of the Straits of Tiran - a much disputed stretch of water. On the left is Egypt. On the right is Tiran Island (owned by Saudi and leased to Egypt with a US base on it!!). The thing in the middle is ship wreck on Jackosn reef. The lighter blue water in front of it is the top of the reef. The snorkellers in front mark the edge of the drop-off where it plunges down forever!!

Here is the intrepid kiddie. Ready to go snorkelling off the back of the dive boat near to Jackson reef. Would you look at that water - flat as a flat thing!

This is taken the same day just after we had cruised alongside 5 dolphins including 2 mums each with a baby. Aaaahhh...

And here are the kidlet and OH doing that same back of boat snorkel. (Sorry the order is random by good old Blogger mixed the pix up.)

And that wreck that I showed earlier... this is it close up. For a kiss on the cheek from kiddie the skipper of the boat took us up close enough for her to touch it.

We only spent a couple of days on the boat with the divers. The rest the time we spent by the pool. Kiddie has developed gills and was in the pool for hours at a time. We discovered that multi shot setting on the camera so here she is in action.

Had enough yet? lol
I know other people's holiday photos can be really tedious so I won't inflict any more on you. If you do want to look at others there are some on my Flickr (click on the right) and my hubbie's Flickr (find Blu_DL in my Flickr friends).
So now it's back to reality. Or not. All the snow we've had isn't 'normal' February for us is it? But it has been fantastic!
Today I'm off to support the Rabble at The Big Green Fair in Whittington. Luckily it will be Green and not White, so dancing will be able to take place. Will post pictures tomorrow.
Off for brekkie now. Thick, gooey, rib-sticking porridge methinks...


Sal said...

Great pics!! Glad you had such a wonderful holiday ;-)

Sal said...

Great pics! Glad you had such a wonderful holiday ;-)