Friday, 11 January 2008

Woo woo!! I have got a muffle kiln! I am SOOO excited! How cute is that? Can't wait to get playing now. I have also bought a load of bits of dichroic glass to have a play with. I just need to get to the library to find some books to help me. Only problem is kiddie has been off school since Tuesday so I can't go anywhere. Aaargh!! Frustration.
Really need to get sorted with etsy and Flickr (no - I still haven't done it yet. I don't know where the time goes. I haven't made anything for ages either, apart from a few pin badges. The only creative thing I've done was on Wednesday. Kiddie was bored so I got out her French knitting kit from Christmas. She had a go at that but then decided she wanted to do 'real' knitting. I showed her how to do that then I taught myself to crochet!!! Yay - at last! Results not great but at least I've finally got the hang of it.
All the half-made sock monkeys are still looking at me but I have burned out monkeywise. I really ought to finish them and get them sold somewhere. They do look a bit sad in a heap in the corner. Maybe tomorrow...
I really need to sort my workroom out before I tackle anything else. It is such a tip I can still barely get in there. When it's all nice and tidy I might feel more inclined to produce something.

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