Saturday, 22 December 2007

Well I am now officially unemployed. Yesterday was my last day at Sutton Coldfield College as an employee. It was really quite sad - so many peeps had written such nice stuff in my card. It is so weird to think that I won't be there next term. I keep thinking about what needs to go in the kiln next and where I will put the nee delivery of Modroc, but then I remember none of it matters any more. S. E. P.

As it was the end of term and everyone was breaking up for Christmas we spent the afternoon in the pub having a final 'dirty burger' and plenty drinks too. Gradually as people drifted away to do last minute shopping the lump in my throat grew bigger. I will keep in touch with everyone and pop in from time to time but it's not the same. The real end to an era! sob sob

Have actually got my Facebook profile up and running now. I have a whole NINE friends!!! Wow. All this technology is shocking! Need my own PC tho' as Mike is on ours all the time.

One bonus about leaving work is that I will now have time to make some stuff! All my good intentions for Christmas went out of the window as I just haven't had time to make much at all. A few sock monkeys are gradually appearing now but it's a bit of a rush. But once Christmas and New Year are over with, apart from looking for a new job, I will have chance to really sort out my workroom and get making something. The question is what? Will get a new sketchbook on the go and see what little flashes of inspiration I get while I'm down in Devon. The seaside in Winter... I can't wait.

Got a manic few days ahead now. Evie's party is tomorrow. Six little 7-year old girls having their first sleepover. I must be mad! Christmas Eve is kiddie's birthday, then , of course, it's Christmas Day and Boxing Day we drive down to Nick's. Phew maybe then we'll get some rest.

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