Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Here I go again. Have just sorted out my profile on Facebook - at last!!! Thought I would give my blog another try however it's taken me 3 days to sign in!! I have so many different passwords I can never remember which is for which.
Have had a taste of being unemployed again today. Stayed at home looking after sick kiddie without having to rush to get up and ready. Bliss! The only problem being that I couldn't actually get upstairs and do anything vaguely creative.
Sock Monkeys are the next project to investigate. Evie wants one and Sam has seen the Yoda one I emailed him and wants one of those. Nicky asked if they were 'real' - bless her.
Back to work tomorrow. Got to make the most of the facilities in my last week and a half (lol). Really I just want to try and leave the place in a reasonable order for Jamie.

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