Saturday, 3 October 2015

Nobody noticed.

Shhh. Don't mention it. Ignore the 12 month plus gap. It's fine I'm back now. 

Do I do a recap of the last year?  Nah. If you're that bothered find me on Facebook. Forwards is the way to go. 

Oh ok. Just a little bit of backstory for context. 

I'm a sketchbook addict. Always have been. Always will be probably. There are loads of blank ones and half filled ones kicking around the "tearoom". Earlier this year I discovered Jennie Maizels. She inspired me to write/draw my holiday journal in Cornwall.

Then, when I got home I bought her 4 online sketchbook club modules. I love it so much!!  No rules like at uni. You can draw what you like!  For fun!  For pure pleasure. You can trace. You are 'allowed' to copy.  You can collage. You can use watercolours.  Literally anything goes. Yay! 

Of course I'm still stitching. Quilting and a bit of dress making are usually in evidence, as well as the odd bit of hooking. Just because the blogging stopped doesn't mean the creativity has. 

So...finally, we are getting to the point...  When my latest issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting mag fell on the mat with this....

...quilt in it - I had to add it to my 'to do' list. 
I have to say at this point that I have been warned....  
It's fiddly. 
It's a pain.  (As if I needed further encouragement...). 
I commented on the photo when it appeared on Facebook and the lovely Lynne Goldsworthy, who designed it, said then it was a pig (well not in those exact words but I got the gist).  I then had the pleasure of meeting her last weekend and again she said I was mad for tackling it.  Such encouragement. 😉
She has asked for a blow-by-blow account of how I get on. (Aah. The penny drops.). So I thought I would blog about my progress. 

I started yesterday as Farmers Market  = quiet day in the shop. I chose 11 colours for my main pencil colours. One more needed to make the set of 12. Then I picked a light and dark to go with each. In a shop full of fabric you'd think that would be a doddle but nope. Hence only having 11.  Time to raid my stash. 

The photo above shows the first four colours. They're the easy ones. Now it get more difficult as we have so many shades of blue and peachy-coral galore (yuck)!  I wanted to use gorgeous, glowing colours; not browns and greys and dull stuff. However, a real box of pencils would have them so maybe I should relent. 

Here they are all laid out ready for action. I'll have to ponder in proper daylight which colour to add. Work calls. 

It's good to be back.