Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Exciting Times Ahead...

Well it looks like 'ethel & edna' may have to be in moth-balls for the long term.  It's not that things didn't work out it's just that another, bigger. more exciting project has come my way.  I'm buying a haberdashery shop!!!!!  Can you believe it?!?!?!  I am so excited.

It has it's own blog and I'm giving everyone a step-by-step report on how it all grows and (hopefully) flourishes in the coming weeks , months and years...  Please pop over and follow me there as I think 'ethel & edna' posts are going to be even more intermittent than they have been.  Yes - that is possible.  I am really going to do my damneddest (sp?) and post every day for The Sewing Shop.  So many lovely people are already following us there and they are all so excited for us.

'e&e' will still be ticking over.  Any bits that I make I will sell through the shop.  We'll have a website and sell mail order as well as through the shop premises.  Any other ideas people may have will be gladly considered.  We've had some fab suggestions already.

So thanks for being there all this time.  I'm not disappearing completely.  It feels sad enough saying au revoir so I can't wave 'ethel & edna' goodbye.  Pop over to The Sewing Shop and we'll pretend we're back in the spare room.  :)


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Daisie said...

I am following 'over there' and am so excited for you, what a big adventure and I'm not even jealous (well, not much). I wish you the best of fun and loads of success!! x