Thursday, 25 August 2011

Step back in time.

So, after a busy few weeks of travelling to Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Devon again I am finally home again, and trying to catch up with stuff.  Suddenly there is an awful lot to do and it's not that easy with a small person on hols from school.  To be fair she's been here, there and everywhere this week so I have had quite a bit of time on my own.  It's then that other factors have managed to stop me from working.

I desperately need to complete a sample canvas for Lisa so she can promote our workshop but just when I thought I'd got it licked my black thread started shredding in the machine. 

It was cheap rubbishy stuff but buying a reel of decent thread meant a trip to Hobbycraft, which meant filling the van up with diesel - a costly affair which I've been trying to put off as long as possible.  Anyhoo, I needed some white DK to finish my latest hookie blankie as well, so double the excuse for a trip to Tamworth.  Yay!

The only problem was I had to wait for kidlet to finish at her skateboarding workshop.  So to while away the time I decided to dig out my procion dyes and have a play.  I soaked a load of lace trims and fabric scraps in some soda crystals and hot water for a while.  Then I mixed up a few pots of random colours and splodged.  All highly technical don't you know.

At the moment the trays are just sitting on the side.  I'm not timing them or anything.  I'm probably just going to put them out of the way 'til tomorrow, and I'll rinse and dry them as a treat when I've finally completed my VW bus panel.

I do love the colours in this one.  The purple is actually Reactive Blue but with the yellow and turquoise as well...ZING!!

I've had a request for a couple of brooches/badges/pins/call 'em what you will.  So while I was making 2 I thought I may as well make a whole batch ready for Whittington.  The order was for a '6' for a special someone's birthday next month.  It's cotton appliqued onto felt, made up with my magic machine and then delica beads stitched on by hand afterwards - a fiddly job but they do look lovely..

Here is a selection of the other ones I made.  I can do any letter, number or simple shape you like.  Colour choice can also be specified.  These ones without beading are £3.95 each.  They are 38mm wide.

I also made some more simple badges from a book that's one of my childhood favourites - Milly Molly Mandy.  There's MMM, Billy Blunt, Little Friend Susan,  The Little Girl Jessamine,  muvver and farver to name but a few of the characters featured.  These are £1.25 each - also 38mm across.  I'll be listing them on Folksy/etsy soon but if you're interested then you can contact me through my blog, Facebook, email or any other means you possibly have access to.

Right.  I'm going to tackle the sewing machine again.  Maybe this time I'll get it finished.



Jackie said...

I love MMM illustration. Do you have a badge machine? Are they expensive?
I didn't know you were doing workshops and I'm glad you enjoyed Dorset.

veronica said...

Tha badges are super.Hope the workshops fill up. I.m a bit too far away but good luck

Anonymous said...

So glad I discovered your great blog. Its great! Am off for another peek. Love your campervan!