Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Nightmare Before Valentine's Day Swap

OK so Valentine's Day was quite a while ago now, but I didn't want to post these pics until I knew Sara had received her goodies in the post.  Sara at Kitty Eden was my partner in this swap and her hints/guidelines/preferences were...

Fave Tim Burton film:
  can't decide between Alice in Wonderland or Nightmare Before Christmas

Fave colours
   red and blue

Well there could only be one choice really...


I've wanted to make an Alice doll for such a long time and here she is complete with stripey legs, frilly pinny and key in her pocket.

I also put in some red and blue crafty goodies in red and blue lidded jars (get me!), and of course some Valentine chocolatey goodness.

And a Queen of Hearts pincushion made with red roses fabric (no painting required) and studded with pins with heart-shaped heads.  Cute as...

 Hope she liked it all.  It was a fab swap to get me back into the swing of things and I wasn't even too late for me.

This is my first proper day off in what seems like ages but hopeully now I'll be able to get a bit more organised.  I am bursting to share our latest bit of news but you'll have to wait for now.


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