Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The first of many... a long line of projects I've dabbled with since last we spoke.  Apologies for the fact that you need to be lying on your side to look at the photos.  If you've got a laptop on the sofa or in bed then no probs.  If you're like me and have a PC on a desk I'm imaging you now - cheek on the tabletop, nose on the space bar.  :o)

These two babies were made for my neice and nephew as christening gifts.  Well I was going to be God-Mummy and I hadn't got a clue what to get in the gift department.  I wanted to get them something that would last and hopefully they would keep for a long time.  All the china cups and money boxes and stuff are not really 'my thing'. 

Kiddie received several (for which I am very grateful - before anyone gets upset (o:  ) but they do gather dust somewhat and once she was out of the Winnie the Pooh stage they weren't really in keeping with her room.  I didn't want to use said mugs and bowls for fear of breakages, but sadly they will be relegated to boxes in the loft.

Maybe these quilts will.  Who knows...


I wanted to do very pretty and girly for my neice but she wasn't an ickle baby so it had to suit 'a big girl'.

A few ditsy prints and some polka dots seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.  I did squeeze some pink in there but also lilac and that scrummy appley, leafy Spring green to stop it from being too babyish.

Apparently on the night of The Big Event a very tired girl would not go to sleep until she had her new blankie to cover her up.  Result!

My baby bruv and SiL wanted to hang the quilts on the kids' bedroom walls to keep them nice. 


They had strict instructions that they must be loved and snuggled and squished and used.

My nephew was not a baby either.  He was most definitely an active little chap (who really didn't want to hang around while some woman in a long white frock poured water over his head!!).  Pale baby blue would not be right.  This one called for bright colors.

My brother and his wife are as nuts about the South West coast as me.  In fact they are actually young and fit enough to don the neoprene and catch a few waves.  So a seaside/coastal/beach theme seemed quite apt.  They have a camper van and tent which they use quite a bit so I decided to make a quilt to suit.

Sand, dunes, fish and of course BUSES!  Perfect.

So there we have it.  A bit of what I've been up to.  There's much more to share but I won't hit you with it all in one go.  Slowly slowly...

I've practised uploading photos again (and I've changed to the new Blogger posting method).  Just need to remember to rotate the flipping photos before uploading them and I'll be sorted!



Miaou said...

SOOOOOOOOoo glad to see you blogging again! I've just written my first post in 10 months and am determined to keep up to it. Let's keep each other going!

I LOVE the quilts (I am particularly in love with the campervan fabric!). Please can you tell me, how did you do the lettering? It looks fabulous!


"ethel" said...

Hi Miaou
Thanks for the lovely words. The lettering was done with that wonderful material - Bondaweb! I drew the lettering freehand then used a ruler to straighten up the not-so-straight lines. I just compared the width & height of the letters to make sure they were the same. Then I traced them (in reverse) onto the backing paper, ironed it to the fabric, cut the letters out then peeled the backing off and ironed the letters in place. Finally I used a very small zigzag stitch all round the edge in a thread colour matching the letter fabric.
The free motion quilting was done in a colour to match the sashing as it seems to belnd in better.
Hope that helps. :O)