Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!!!

So as promised... ooh a year ago... here are some photos of what I've been up to during my absence from the Land of Blog.

First off is my attempt at knitting from a pattern. The sleeveless cardi is what I chose for the kiddie. Sirdar class this as an Easy Knit so I thought I'd stand some sort of chance of finishing it.

This is current progress. The back and one side are complete. I'm currently working the last bit of the other side then the fun begins. Sewing up and working the neck- and button bands. Eeek! I've never had to pick up stitches or anything like it before so I think it may be taking a trip to work with me once I'm ready to start. I'm determined to complete it before she's too big for it!!
Unfortunately I've rapidly come to the comclusion that I'm not a knitter. I've made so many mistakes and had to unpick so much. When you're crocheting it's easy to undo and redo and mishaps. Last night I sat down to do a bit on the cardi. I'd worked 3 rows before I realised that I'd messed up my purls and knits and had worked 3 rows back to front. If I slide it off the needles and unravel I don't know which stitches to pick back up and the thought of un-knitting those three rows just does not appeal!!

Crochet is a different story. I am addicted. Totally. While I've been away from my own blog and every one elses there is ONE that I've continued to visit every day - Attic24. I'm also a frequent visitor to Ravelry and Lion Brand for advice and free patterns. What joy.
This next couple of pix combines crochet with mine and the kiddie's other obsession...

It's a WIP amigurumi David Tennant. Oh how we sobbed last night when he finally began to glow... At least kiddie now has a yarn version to cuddle up to.

Other crocheted gems I've found are Granny Stars,

lovely snowflakes - both courtesy of links on Attic 24,

and a pair of "knitted characters" for my nephews - viewers of Harry Hill's TV Burp will know all about these woolly chap. I found the pattern on EssHaych's blog and it's brill (well I managed to complete 2 of them anyway). Sadly I didn't manage to get pics with their faces on so you'll have to Google or use your imagination.
And now I have a new toy to play with. Look what Santa brought for me :O)
An embellisher. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited but have only had the tiniest little play on it so far.
A bit of felt and some wool tops/roving to make a heart,
and a tulip-y kind of flower

and some yarn and tops with organza fabric.
I am now desperate for a book to get me started. I've seen so many amazing pieces of work made using embellishers but I want to give myself a tutorial. So a book with lots of basic techniques would be brill. Off to hit Amazon to see what's out there.
I shan't promise to post again soon as I'm so flippin' erratic with this thing. Hubbie is redundant again so the computer is his domain all day, joining job agencies, tweaking CVs, etc. Fingers crossed for his first interview on 15th January...


Jane said...

Lovely blog!
Isn't it cool that knitting and crochet have made such a great comeback?
I used t love macrame too, being an old hippy :).....did I spell that right? macrame I mean not hippy.
My daughter is in to crochet too.
Anywho...happy new year!

Jackie said...

Glad to you back doing your thing. I think crochet is so much more straightforward than knitting, just one stitch to deal with at a time.
Happy New Year.

Suzie Sews said...

Happy New Year, you have been a busy bunny. I only found Attica blog a while ago, and love her colours...

Myfanwy said...

Happy embellishing. You may find this post useful. Scroll down to the embellishing bit.

Miaou said...

Well done with the knitting! My two girls got the waistcoats from that pattern, knitted by my mum, for Christmas, and I have yet to prise them off them for washing! Yay at the new sewing machine, boo at the redundancy, and fingers crossed for 15th January ;o)

JuicyFig said...

Loads of lovely stuff! I wish my baby girl was still little though so I could knit her a cardi like that, it is gorgeous! My girl is so tall now, everything has to be really long - and I only knit SMALL!