Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Take That Tickets and a mini catch-up.

Oh pants! It's already a week since my last post. I'm not going to disappear again it's just that I've been a bit busy and haven't got photos of anything I've been up to.

This morning I've been trying to attain the halo of a Domestic Goddess. I've reached that point where the house is A Pit. Enough is enough. Let the cleaning frenzy begin. My kitchen is now spick and span (great phrase!). My bathroom is sparkling. I am now having a small break-ette before hitting the rest of the house. If you really want me too I'll post some photos in a bit. We're not talking Country Living here you realise...

Last Sunday I danced at Etwall Well Dressing as I mentioned. Again I am photo-less as the weather was less than desirable. I am dancing at Moira Canal Festival this coming Sunday. Let's hope the barbecue summer 'they' keep promising begins this weekend. I don't fancy another 'dance out' in the cold and wet. It makes my marabou trim go all floppy!

Oh I mentioned Take That tickets. No. Sorry that is NOT my belated 200th post giveaway (more about that soon). A friend of mine bought two tickets too many and she's starting to panic as they are listed on eBay but haven't sold yet.

IF you would like to go and see Take That on 10th June at the Ricoh Stadium in Coventry then email me/leave a comment.

Some of the more observant readers amongst you may have noticed that I've recently passed 200 posts on this little blog of mine. In view of everything that's gone on here I think I'll postpone the customary giveaway until 250 posts. Hopefully by then I'll be better organised (and receiving an income of some kind so I can afford to give stuff away - lol).

I'll try and get some photos taken and uploaded so I can show you my hard work - both domestic and creative. 'Til then,



Daisie said...

If you are not giving away until 250 posts we'll be waiting years at your current rate!

Pics of domestic perfection may spur me into action, I have bleahced the grout in the bathroom tiles and cleaned the bowl (even under the rim) but then gave up and sat down! And I do love to nosey at other people's bathrooms!!


Katy said...

bugger, I think I passed 200 by too. Best sort something out for 250 as well....

I want to see pics of you dancing. Get some pics next time, crappy weather or not!!!

Kitty said...

I need to do that to my house ... it's way too long since I had a 'splurge' on the cleaning.

Good luck with the tickets - hope your friend manages to sell them.


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Right. Now you've got no excuse not to blog.
I've tagged you.
See my blog for details

driftwood said...

ooh shiny house! oh how I wish nearer to coventry........