Friday, 13 March 2009

errrr... yeah I know...

Once upon a time there was a blog. It wasn't much to look at but it was a happy little blog quietly eeking out an existence in the Blogosphere. It had pretty photos. It had wordy bits (and sometimes they were quite funny). It even had the occasional visitor which made it very happy.
Then one day it ground to a halt.
It's author forgot about it and left it all alone.
Sometimes visitors came to see it and left it little comments which helped it survive. Just.
The author had become somewhat distracted by the other things in her life - husband's redundancy, husband being at home on the computer all day looking for jobs, looking for jobs herself, worrying about money, - those kinds of things. the blog did not understand these things so it just sat in the corner and pined.
Then one day the author's husband went away for a day so the author could finally get back onto the computer. Once she had caught up with reading all the other blogs she liked in the Blogosphere she remembered her own blog...



Remember me?

It's been a while but I'm back, for today at least.

So here we go with a frantic catch up.

Went to Brixham and sailed across to Torquay in the lovely sunshine,

with my lovely sis, of course, (that's Brixham behind her on our return journey).

Everybody climbing back onto The Rum Runner after lunch. Thanks Tim and Fi for the loan of the boat. She's gorgeous!

And this is the bloke that is now in need of a job. If anybody needs someone to run an engineering/manufacturing plant then he's your man, particularly if it's related to windows/aluminium/metal casting/pressing. Flipping China!!!

I did my first public(ish) Stick Bashing last Sunday. We were meant to be dancing at a pub in Barton and collecting cash for Comic Relief but weren't made overly welcome (even though we had phoned and asked beforehand). So we regrouped at our usual post-practice pub in Alrewas - The George and Dragon - where we did a couple of wee dances in the backroom after we had been suitably refreshed. Evie and I were presented with our bells (think fairies getting their wings but different).

Here is Mini-Me in her kit just before we left home. She looks a real Dickensian urchin in her rags and topper.

And here is another bit of brightly coloured creativity. I finally finished the rainbow skirt!
I love it sooooo much.
When OH gets back from his day of "networking" at Cheltenham I'll get him to take some pics of me wearing it and twirling around so you get the full effect.

can't believe that it's done. There were surprisingly few hiccups along the way. I have even turned the hem up by hands and everything now. I would just like some braid to stitch along the hemline but maybe not...

This is my Morris hat, complete with red noses as it's Red Nose Day. Don't quite know why it's in the middle and not with the Morris dancing stuff but I'm not going to risk shuffling photos around and messing up the spacing an more.

I've been the very happy recipient of a couple of brilliant swaps. First is Jennyflower's Mug Swap. My partner was the amazing Michele of Calicodaisy in America. She had got all my stuff parcelled up ready to go 'til she got to the Post Office. When it was weighed it cost loads more in postage than the actual mug had cost. So she took the parcel to pieces and took the heavy mug out and sent the rest of the stuff which was much lighter. There is so much anyway - it is brilliant.
Three pieces of gorgeous fabric. Look at those toadstools. The polka dots have already been attacked.

Instead of a ceramic mug I got a quilted and embroidered one - much nicer I think.

And a fabbo wallet to carry teabags (or anything else) around in.

Thanks so much Michele. I'm overwhelmed with how much you sent and how beautiful it all was xx

Then there was meridan Ariel's Owl Swap.
For this my partner was fabbo - and also 40 this year (but it doesn't matter cuz it's just a number) - Janine (angelgurl) from New Zealand. Again I am overcome but how generous people are. Look at that cute knitted bloke! He is now on the Top Shelf with Ponsonby Pigeon and Ginger's dolly looking down on us all.

The HUMUNGOUS bar of chocolate is gradually disappearing. It is hidden in my workroom and I'm being very controlled in my eating of it (mainly cuz it's SOOOOO thick you'd break your jaw if you ate any more than a couple of pieces at a time - it-'s scrummy!!).

The box with the circular motif on it is a stationery set handmade by Janine. There are the cutest, stalkiest looking owls stamped on tags and notepads. Hilarious! There are loads of pictures over on Flickr showing it opened out. It is so clever. She is so clever. Definitely pop over and have a look.
There is also an angel charm made from crystal beads and a glittery angel tag.

And then there was this.

We both have a passion for buttons and the day before this parcel arrived I had been making rings out of buttons. None of mine were quite so gorgeous as these ones though. The colours are fantastic. And there are loads of funky shapes and different sizes.

Once again, thank you so much Janine. It was great to 'meet' you and be your partner.
Right. Kiddie wants to go on the computer so I'd better leave it for now.
Next post will be number 200!!!! Aaaarrgghh!!
Giveaway time.
No pressure.

I will think of something.
*wanders off scratching head and pondering*


JuliaB said...

Hello! Was here the other day wondering why my bloglines hadn't updated you for a while. SORRY to hear about hubby! Blimmin' China are to blame for everthing, even the price of wood and the cost of cooking oil. Humph. Hope something turns up for him soon. Skirt looks FAB! But lots of hem to sew braid to, though some nice little jingly bits might be effective? Wishing you good luck with everything. xx

Jackie said...

Hooray you're back.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Yup! 'Tis me! Glad to be back.

calicodaisy said...

Hi Lindsey: It was nice to read your post this evening. I'm glad you're enjoying the fabrics. The rest of the fabrics - in lieu of the mug - are on their way.
-- Michele

jennyflower said...

Lovely to see you again. xxxx

Daisie said...

Welcome back, we missed you!!

Very jealous of your toadstools, swirly skirt and your buttons!

Going away now to be green, xxx

Kitty said...

Helloooooooooooooo! It's fabulous to 'see' you again, I was wondering how you were doing and what you'd been making. That skirt is just SO impressive: really gorgeous.

Hope things get better for your husband very, very soon.

So pleased you're back. Take care.


Hens Teeth said...

Hello Sweetie,
Oh it makes me so angry...good, hard working, decent men out of work...grrrrrr. I sincerely hope your troubles will all be sorted out soon. Good to see you.

MollyandIzzie said...

Wow your soooo lucky - amazing buttons!
x x x

silverpebble said...

Lovely to 'see' you again but awful that you've had the burden of redundancy - it's spreading so fast. I really hope it's short lived. No wonder you couldn't think about blogging.

Such a cheerful post though - that skirt! It's a smiley skirt if you ask me. More Morris too - mini me looks wonderful, and I'm VERY surprised that film's not on general release - it's got such a great cast! (or perhaps it is and I'm just a bit behind). Great to have you back. Emma x

urban craft said...

Wow, you scored a bunch of cool stuff. I need to do more swaps. THanks, nice blog!

artisbliss said...

Glad to see you back. At least you came back with photos, unlike me. I hope to remedy that soon. I also hope hubby finds gainful employment very soon. I know the kind of sleepless nights that causes. Your daughter is lovely in her wonderful getup. Does she realize what a wonderful mom she has?

Suzie Sews said...

hello good to catch up with your goings on, and so much stuff going on. Your missed.

Jude said...

Husband rushed off this morning after phone call to let us know we had post that wouldn't fit po box..
Thank you so much Lindsey, the parcel was wonderful. I enjoyed all the little parcels and everything will be used, honestly!
I'm in definate need of the soothing lavendar pillow as I came back from London with some nasty lurgy.
I will be photograghing everything and putting it on my blog very soon.
I'm so sorry about your husband, it's such a worry, isn't it?
Once again, thank you so much, you've cheered me up today..

Felt~at~home said...

So sorry to hear about your husband - :( I sincerely hope all looks up very soon for you.

You and your sister are so alike :) and the skirt you've made is fabulous.

Hope you get back to bloggin soon and wishing you lots of 'Good-job-thoughts'

Phillipa x

saraeden said...

Hi hun just a quickie to say hello and that you have won my giveaway too !!
Have a good weekend

Sara x

Tip Top said...

Ah, welcome back!!

Good to see all the colour!

Kitty said...

I was thinking about you today, so thought I'd just drop by and say 'hello ... I was thinking about you today'.

Hope all is well with you and yours.


Miaou said...

Oh how I love your rainbow skirt! I stumbled across the original on flickr and really wanted to make one then and there (!) but haven't got any of the material, so it would be v. expensive to do. Ah well, some day ...

I have nominated you for an award over on my blog, do pop over and have a look :-)

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

'Mature Ladies' I don't think so. If you're int your 20s-30s you're a couple of girsl! Like your colourful blog.