Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hail, Passion and New Life

So yet more weird weather came our way yesterday. Early in the evening it went very dark and the Heavens opened with a hailstorm. Kiddie decided she wanted to go out in it. By the time she was booted and suited it had eased a little but the trampoline was covered in a white carpet, which she had great fun bouncing on. This is a picture of her all bundled up, making a hail castle?! Hmm...

The weather improved this morning. While I was sitting checking my emails, forums, blogs, eBay, etc the sun was streaming in. Shika Rose (kiddie's puss cat) took full advantage and sat in this sunny, warm patch in the doorway of the 'new' room. The 'new' room is our fab extension which has been done over a year but still hasn't been given a proper name.

So, after wasting (?) an hour on the computer I decided I had better go and do something productive. I went to tackle my three girls who are all ready for dressing. One was given a silver skirt, the next received a green skirt but the third one - well she was crying out for purple. But what had I not got? Yup - purple satin. Now I could have gone into town and trawled the charity shops but I suddenly remembered somewhere else. Recycling on a much larger scale. I went to Newlife!!! One of my students reminded me of it just before Easter. Basically it's a charity superstore in aid of the birth Defects Foundation. They get ex-stock from Monsoon, Cherokee and River Island amongst others. It's great!! Here are some pics of my bargains on this first visit. I was VERY restrained I think...

Cute little zipped purse. Think it might be Monsoon or Accessorize. Cost £1.00

Pinafore-tunic-apron-type thingie. Cherokee (you can see it on the rivets) £2.69

Pretty fabric embroidered with cherries. £1.00. Could be a cute bag soon. The dangly ties are already ideal handles. :0)

Reverse of the aforementioned frock - smocked and embroidered.

You can't go wrong with a bit of gingham. £1.00.

Lovely maxi skirt. really nice fabric. £2.69. Only wish it would fit me but there's not in cat in h***'s chance of that. Size 12 left me behind (and me other lumpy bits) long ago. Could be another nice bag tho'.

I also bought a great pair of jeans for £2.69.

And on the way home I was starving so, because I'd been very thrifty all morning, I decided to splash out and popped into Waitrose for a few bits. This was my scrummy pud as a treat. Passion fruit is my fave fruit ever. OH thinks I'm mad for blogging a photo of a trifle. Men!!! They just don't understand.

I found a fab new blog yesterday. Vicious Chicken made me lol - I was reading 'til way past the witching hour. Have a look for yourself.

Well must dash. Belly dancing starts again this week and, as we missed the last Thursday cuz of me travelling down to Devon, we are doing an extra session tonight. Woohoo! I have loads of new bits and bobs to wear. It's going to take from now 'til 8pm to choose my outfit. I might take a photo and post it tomorrow - not necessarily with me in it tho'.


Kate said...

Oooooh, I want to go to that shop, pick me!
How's the bedroom move going? All done? Everyone happy? Oh, and nice trifle. xx

Lindsey said...

Bedroom's have ground to a halt. Waiting for OH to collect our new wardrobes on Thursday. 'Til then we sleep in a jumble sale - clothes everywhere!!! The trifle was scrummy :0)

saraeden said...

Thanks for leaving the Cornwall comment !!! We are hoping to go next year if we can get it all sorted !!

Love all the bargains you got !!

Sara x

Swirlyarts said...

Right when can I come and visit and go to that fab shop with you?? You can come ans stay with me and rummage through my soon to be tidy craft room in exchange! :)